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Welcome to Johnny Up's website, a pedal steel guitar player in Austin, TX. Here you can find all the information you need on 
booking, lessons, past and future performances, and recordings, as well as a web store to order free tabs to his online video lessons.

Welcome!  Navigate the page easily using the links on the top right . Feel free to contact me for lessons, studio time, repairs, complaints, etc.,  Thanks to all for your continued support. I hope the videos have helped your playing as much as they've helped mine!

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I'm Not the Devil

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Greetings from South Texas

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In the Throes

Jeff Hobbs


Porter Union


Schyuler Prenger & Dirt Road Junkies


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Labor Omnia Vincint

My dad said, 'If you always play that instrument you won't ever go hungry. You'll always be able to work.' He was right.

~ Jay Dee Maness