Johnny Up Music

Welcome to Johnny Up's website, a pedal steel guitar player in Austin, TX. Here you can find all the information you need on 
booking, lessons, past and future performances, and recordings, as well as a web store to order free tabs to his online video lessons.


(2014)John Moreland "In the Throes"

(2015)Paul Ramirez "Greetings from South 


(2016)Cody Jinks "I'm not the Devil"

(2017)Jeff Hobbs "Upward"

(2017)Schyuler Prenger "TBA"

(2017)Cole Porter "TBA"

(2017)Dylan Stewart "TBA"

Current Rig

From left to right, top to bottom: Cody Canada, Red Eye Gravy, Cody Jinks, Zane Williams, Kaitlin Butts, Whitey Morgan, Jonathan Tyler