Johnny "Up" Shadid

Welcome to Johnny Up's website, a pedal steel guitar player in Austin, TX. Here you can find all the information you need on 
booking, lessons, past and future performances, and recordings, as well as a web store to order free tabs to his online video lessons.

Donations are appreciated!

Theory & Skill Exercises
Pentatonic Scale     Video     TAB
Lick Lessons
Alan Jackson - Living on Love     Video     TAB
Brad Paisley - Camouflage     Video      TAB
Brad Paisley - I'm Gonna Miss Her     Video     TAB
Brad Paisley - I'm Gonna Miss Her 2     Video     TAB
Buck Owens - Above and Beyond     Video     TAB1     TAB2
Buck Owens - Buckaroo     Video     TAB
Buck Owens - Together Again     Video     TAB
The Byrds - Christian Life     Video
The Byrds - Hickory Wind     Video     TAB
Conway Twitty - 15 Years Ago     Video     TAB
Cory Morrow - Drink One More Round     Video     TAB
Drive-by Truckers - Lisa's Birthday     Video     TAB
Dwight Yoakam - Johnson's Love     Video     TAB
Flying Burrito Brothers - Sing Me Back Home     Video     TAB
Gary Stewart - An Empty Glass     Video     TAB
Gary Stewart - She's Actin Single     TAB
George Jones - Real Deal     TAB
George Strait - I Just Want to Dance with You     Video     TAB
George Strait - Ocean Front Property     Video     TAB
George Strait - Overnight Male     Video
George Strait - Write This Down     Video     TAB
Gram Parsons - California Cotton Fields     Video     TAB
Gram Parsons - Drug Store Truck Drivin Man     Video     TAB
Hank Williams Jr - Wishkey Bent and Hell Bound     Video     TAB
Hank Williams III - I Wish I Knew     Video
Jason Boland - False Accuser's Lament     Video     TAB
Jason Boland - Jesus & Ruger     Video      TAB
Jason Boland - No Reason Being Late     Video     TAB
Jason Boland - Rainbow Stew     Video     TAB
John Anderson - Blue Lights & Bubbles     Video     TAB
Johnny Paycheck - Apartment #9     Video     TAB
Johnny Paycheck - Don't Monkey with Another Monkey's Monkey     Video     TAB
Josh Turner - Your Man     Video     TAB1     TAB2
Kaitlin Butts - Blue Eyed Blonde     TAB
Merle Haggard - I Die Ten Thousand a Day     Video
Miranda Lambert - Only Prettier     Video     TAB
New Riders of the Purple Sage - Dim Lights, Thick Smoke     Video     TAB
Ray Price - You Done Me Wrong     Video
Reigning Sound - As Long     Video
Ricky Skaggs - Hwy 40 Blues     TAB1     TAB2
Ricky Skaggs - I'm Tired     Video     TAB
Ricky Skaggs - Let's Put Love Back to Work     Video     TAB
Ronee Blakley - Tape Deck in His Tractor     Video
Sammy Kershaw - Queen of My Double-Wide Trailer     Video     TAB
Waylon Jennings - Amanda     Video    TAB
Waylon Jennings - Let's Turn Back the Years     Video     TAB
Waylon Jennings - Louisiana Woman     Video     TAB
Waylon Jennings - You Ask Me To     Video
Whiskeytown - Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart     Video     TAB
Whiskeytown - Matrimony     Video     TAB
Whiskeytown - Too Drunk to Dream     Video     TAB
Whitey Morgan & 78's - Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue     Video
Zane Williams - Damned     Video     TAB